Friday, May 4, 2012

movin' right along

I spoke with our lawyers office Wednesday and they emailed the contract to me. Man, that thing is looong! I read through it Wednesday and Thursday, taking notes of questions/concerns etc. My husband and I will be looking it over and discussing it this weekend, then talking to our lawyer again next week. Once we get this part finished the next step will be a screening appointment with K & M's IVF doctor near Dallas. (K is the intended mother, M is the intended father, I'll be using their initials for privacy purposes) This screening appointment will consist of checkin' out my uterus, which can be done different ways but often consists of a saline ultrasound. This needs to be done around day 5 - day 10 of my cycle. (Which for my next should be around May 18-23ish, so if we get contracts done in time we might be able to do this appointment this month!)
I have a busy weekend coming up as my in-laws will be visiting from out of state, and I'll be finishing up my semester with finals! I will update more next week!

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  1. I just saw your blog! How exciting! I went thought the process to be a surrogate for two of my close friends back in 2008. We got pregnant, but then the baby didn't form so we miscarried. We decided not to do it again. I'm excited to follow your journey! Let me know if you have any questions...I can fill you in up until finding out we were pregnant. :-)