Wednesday, March 13, 2013

14 days left!

I can't believe how close we are now! Two weeks from today I'll be delivering baby boy "B" to his family! I'm starting to get excited, but I think since I'm not to that really uncomfortable stage yet it doesn't feel like its as close as it is. Things have been going really well again now that my rash is under control. The diagnosis was actually changed to "pemphigoid gestationis" (verified by biopsy) which is a rare pregnancy related autoimmune disease. My OB had me start oral steroids and now I'm down to a very low daily dose. This, along with a cream, and antihistimines, has helped tremendously. I still itch throughout the day, but its nothing compared to what it was like a few weeks ago. My OB isn't very concerned about it causing problems and also said it shouldn't prevent me from being pregnant again, although it could happen again.
I had a bit of a "maybe in labor" scare over the weekend and went and got checked at the hospital. I was having mild contractions picked up by the machine ever 3-5 minutes but they were hardly noticable. The bag of waters was intact (and was felt "bulging") and no dilation. I'm thinking we will make it to our section date of the 27th.
Tuesday I had an OB appointment, which K and also my sister Lacey came to. I was glad K and my sister finally got to meet, and we had a great time at a local baby store after the appointment. The OB visit went well, my belly is measuring as it should be and all is well. B's heartrate was 141, which is about what it has been for several weeks now.
K texted me later and said that her boys were so upset that she didn't bring B home with her! They are so ready to welcome their baby brother! I love it!
March 6th- 35weeks6days