Wednesday, June 13, 2012

summer time!

Its been a busy few weeks for sure! I had my son's first birthday, mine and hubby's wedding anniversary, daughter's adoption, and vacation all in the last month!
This is my family at the courthouse for my daughter's adoption by my husband!

We spent all last week on vacation at Port Aransas (LOVE that place!) It was so much fun and even had some relaxing moments! (hey, those are rare with a teething toddler around)

And on to the surro stuff!
Yesterday morning AF arrived so I called the IVF clinic to start Estrace (estrogen pills). But when I called I was told that the lab would be closed and would not be ready in time for a transfer the 2nd week of July as we had planned! I called K (IM) and told her and she was of course even more upset than I was. M (IF) works out of town and it was going to throw everything off as far as labs being done in the right time frame. I've also got my cousins wedding, which my daughter and I are both a part of, which is July 21st. Knowing that this clinic's protocol for bed-rest after transfer is 48 hours was really going to cause problems if we couldn't do the transfer early enough that week. After several phone calls amongst the clinic, the agency, and K and I, we got it resolved to work for everyone. We now have the transfer set for either July 17th or July 18th. Everything will work out with K&M's lab work, and I will be able to make it to both the rehearsal and the wedding. I wont have to stay up there for the entire 48 hours, but instead can go home the day after transfer. So with the minor set back in dates, I will have to start back on a BC pill so we can reset my cycle. (Yes, that means another period within two weeks from this one, fun right!?)

Oh and I checked out this book from the library called "The Kangaroo Pouch."   I actually had to have it sent in from another library in another state since our local libraries don't have it. I wasn't too sure about it at first, but Olivia (my 3 year old) seems to like it! It is a children's book about surrogacy. She's been hopping around and yesterday she said she has a baby kangaroo in her pouch. I still haven't told her what all is happening, but I think I'm just gonna play it by ear! I think I'll end up buying the book so Conner can enjoy it later on too. (He won't sit still long enough for most books right now!)

That's all my news for now!
Oh, and congrats to my surro friends and their IPs who are getting positive tests this week! So exciting!