Friday, December 21, 2012

25 weeks

Yesterday marked 25 weeks! Moving right along! K came into town for a regular OB appointment on Monday. She came by the house to pick me up, and she brought some Christmas presents for the kids and each of them a shirt from their family trip to Disney world! So sweet and the kids love the doll and pirate ship!
At the office, we ended up having to wait a while. Two of the ladies from the agency met us up there and kept us company in the waiting room. Everything looked good with my health and the baby's. I am a tad concerned with my recent weight gain (6 pounds since the last appointment!) but my doctor isn't so I suppose I'm doing good! Baby's heart rate was 141 this time. He was kicking around while the nurse was doing the Doppler, but sadly K didn't get to feel him this visit. In a few weeks I will go in just for the glucose lab (diabetes screen), then on January 24 K and M (and probably one or more of baby's big siblings) will be able to come to the next appointment which will include a 3-D ultrasound! How fun! I had one done during my first pregnancy and it was so neat! I think it will be really special for baby's family to get to "see" him before he's born! Oh and they have decided on a first name! Yay!

Here's one from 25 weeks 4 days (Christmas Eve)