Friday, July 27, 2012

It's official!

Labs confirmed today with a beta of 219, we are officially pregnant! I spoke with K today and she is of course excited that it is confirmed now. We were both trying to analyze the number and figure out if both babies implanted or one. It's a good strong number but it really doesn't tell us much except that I am indeed pregnant with at least one baby. The number should double every 24-48 hours, and I'm going back to the lab Monday. We have a date set for the first sonogram- August 20th, at which we will be able to see if both babies implanted. And we will likely see the heartbeat(s) at that time! It's amazing how much growth happens in such a short amount of time!
So far I've had only very mild symptoms of pregnancy, much like my pregnancies with my kids.
Funny story: Olivia caught me slouching the other day and told me that I shouldn't sit like that because the babies don't like it when I do. That's my little bossy-pants! And tonight while playing restaurant she asked if I wanted Dr Pepper, Sprite, or Sweet tea. I acted all sad and said I can't have two of those! She asked "do you have a baby in your belly?" I said yes. She asked "right now?" "yes". "well then you'd better have Sprite!" This girl knows I'm missing my Dr Pepper and sweet tea!
Conner is really too young to know what's going on but I'm curious how he will be as he nears age two closer to the due date. I'm thinking he'll be more interested in hot wheels than anything else haha!

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