Thursday, July 12, 2012

Let the fun begin!

I cannot believe how quickly the transfer day is approaching! These last couple of weeks have seemed to fly by. I am getting a little nervous, and super excited! I have been on the estrogen pills for a couple of weeks now, and just started the progesterone injections yesterday morning. I have been getting up with Mike before he goes to work so he can give me the shots. I got some pineapple yesterday and plan on having some everyday up til transfer and a few days after; its supposed to make for a very cozy womb! I've already stocked up on a few home pregnancy tests, there's no way I could wait til the first lab test, which will be the 27th! I've been speaking with K (Intended mother) these last few weeks and we are so excited and ready!
I went to a get-together last weekend and met some wonderful surrogates. Its nice meeting others who have been through it all or are going through it now; we are all part of different groups/forums online and its great to have them there for support. And of course, having Denise as the coordinator during all this is so wonderful!
Alright, we are five days away now! Send us lots of prayers and "sticky" thoughts this next week please!
Just a glimpse of my bathroom turned clinic for those morning shots!

surro get-together, yep, those are my kids looking fabulous in there ;-)

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