Saturday, February 16, 2013

33 weeks

Well little "B" cooperated for his second 3D sonogram! I was sad that his family missed it, but glad the tech was able to get some great shots this time!
1/28/13 30weeks+4days
He still has been having the hiccups alot, at least a few times every day!
The pregnancy has been going well. We had an appointment February 7th, measuring right on track. The C section has been scheduled for March 27th. After our appointment, K and I met Wendy and Denise at the hospital and met with the head nurse there to discuss how we wanted everything to go, and for a quick tour. We also pre-registered and met with the birth certificate worker. Everything is good to go for the big day! I am so pleased with the hospital, they were wonderful when I had my son there, and I anticipate everything will go smoothly with this delivery and recovery. It made it seem like we are getting so close to the end to go and have that meeting. We still have a little over 5 weeks from now, I'm sure part of it will fly by but it seems to fluctuate with how fast and slow different parts of this pregnancy has felt. It was so great to get to spend time with K again, and she'll be here Wednesday for our next appointment too. I'm so glad she's been able to come to nearly every appointment despite the drive.
Not long after the appointment I started noticing bumps on my belly. In a few days there were quite a bit and it was itching so bad. I went in on Wednesday the 13th to have Dr Reeves look at it. Lo and behold, I have poison ivy! He put me on a med pack and its stopped spreading. Its looking better but still itches quite a bit. K suggested calamine lotion and I've been using that alot the last couple of days too.
According to, B weighs as much as a pineapple, just over 4 pounds, and is over 17 inches long.

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